Peacock Butterflies

Written by Rafael Fernandes 

Insect Week - Rosemary Beetle

What it looks like:

An adult looks shiny are about 6-7mm long and the outer shell has a metallic purple and green stripes this is over the wings cases and thorax. With their larvae they are a greyish-white and darker stripes run along their bodies and when they are fully grown, they are 8mm long. And for their eggs they look like sausage-shaped and may be found at the end of branches beneath leaves.


The Moth and the Butterfly

This article contrasts two of the world’s most beautiful insects, namely the moth and the butterfly, both belonging to the insect Order Lepidoptera. Although somewhat similar in appearance, there are many physical as well as behavioural characteristics that differentiate moths and butterflies.

New bee species for Jersey

Violet carpenter bee (Xylocopa violacea

Our first record of the violet carpenter bee has been recorded in two days. This species distribution extends from Europe across Asia can reach as far as central China. It is a very large bee, reaching 2.5cm, with a black body and violet coloured wings.  

Our two records are from Trinity, 01/06/19 and 02/06/19 and have been verified as correct by a UK verifier.