New bee species for Jersey

New bee species for Jersey

Violet carpenter bee (Xylocopa violacea

Our first record of the violet carpenter bee has been recorded in two days. This species distribution extends from Europe across Asia can reach as far as central China. It is a very large bee, reaching 2.5cm, with a black body and violet coloured wings.  

Our two records are from Trinity, 01/06/19 and 02/06/19 and have been verified as correct by a UK verifier. 

These bees hibernate over winter and emerge usually in April/May. They use abandoned nest tunnels for their hibernation. The mating search begins in late spring and early summer when the adults emerge from hibernation, the females begin to search to suitable nesting locations. Violet carpenter bees are solitary bees and the females create nests alone. They bore tunnels in dead wood or use old nest sites. In these tunnels, eggs are laid within small cells each supplied with a pollen ball for the newly hatched larvae to feast upon. The adults emerge from the nest in late summer and will hibernate until the following year. 

This big bee has been making big news! 
First recorded breeding in the UK  
Coming back from extinction in Poland 

Photo credit: Judith Freeman 

violet carpenter bee
Sarah Maguire