Thinkgrasssnake JE - survey form


Please zoom the map in to the location of your pond, or use the search for a place on the map tool below to find the location. Once zoomed in, use the following map tools to define the location of the pond:

If your area is very small (less than around 2m2) then click once on the map using the the default Click on map tool to set a point marking the location of the pond.
Please select the Draw polygon tool on the map. Now click on the map on an edge of the pond, then click at each point around the perimeter until the pond's shape is defined. Double click to finish.
If you make a mistake you can either repeat the process to redraw it, or select the Modify selected feature tool, then click on the pond shape to select it. You will now be able to drag the shape using the grab-handles provided to correct it. Click once on the map when finished.

Once you've drawn the pond, the spatial reference of the centre will fill in automatically for you. If you want to use a satellite view when drawing your pond, this can be accessed via the blue + button in the top right of the map.


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Address, postcode or description.

Tick all which apply

Tick all which apply

Please upload any photos you took which show something about the site specific to this visit below. If you took photos of the animals you found they can be uploaded into the list below.

What did you see? Write down how many of each you counted. If you didn’t see anything, put a zero.

Step 1
{content} Select a species first
SpeciesAdultDeadEggJuvenileNew-bornNot sureCommentPhotos
Anguis fragilis Add photos
Natrix helvetica Add photos

Other species can be added to the row at the bottom. In the next box you can enter lifestage, quantity and other information.