Jersey has three native amphibian species, and a host of other wildlife for which ponds are a vital habitat. is a project that aims to gather sightings of Jersey’s pond life to help assess their conservation status, distribution and habitat requirements.


How can you help?

The Future Botanists

Beaulieu Convent School are studying daffodil species in Jersey and need our help. Please use this survey form they've created to submit your records and there is a handy species guide on there for ID help.  Their project title is: The mapping of daffodils within Jersey for the potential sequencing of their plastomes. Very exciting project that will need lots of records – let’s get out walking and find some!

Supporting you during lockdown

With our usual activities on hold we have been working in different and exciting new ways to enable you to continue to discover and be inspired by the outdoor world.

Virtual worm lessons: Our education officer, Sarah, has been hosting interactive live sessions on worm biology learning why worms are important and how they navigate a dangerous world.