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Flower Insect Timed Counts

Now the weather is better it is time to get counting the pollinators!   

As patches are flowering across the island, either as a dedicated pollinator patch or as a wild garden from no mow may, it is time to see what animals are using these spaces. You will need good weather to complete the survey. If the sky is clear a minimum of 13°C is needed to complete the survey or if the sky is cloudy then a minimum temperature for a count is 15°C

Jersey’s threatened birds

In 2011, Jersey produced the first red list of bird species for any of the Channel Islands*. A red list is an internationally recognised document aimed at highlighting those species most threatened with local or global extinction.

Marine BioBlitz

Author: Kevin McIlwee

Blitz is a name that has featured 3 times in my life (excluding Santa's Reindeer Blitzen of course). As a youngster in the early 50's, I played on one of Birmingham’s Blitzkrieg bomb sites. There I witnessed first hand the destruction of war, although at the time I was too young to appreciate the power we had harnessed, capable of eliminating not just each other but 99% of all the other species as well.

Bumblebee Diets

Bumblebees are a charismatic group of insects as they are recognised for their important ecological role in pollination of both wild and agricultural plants. Unfortunately, after the Second World War, their numbers and geographic range declined. Whilst this is likely due to a combination of possible explanations, the leading cause is currently thought to be the intensification of farming (2–4).

How to get into wildlife recording

Wildlife recording can take place at any time of day or night and is a great way to appreciate nature around you. Nature is everywhere and taking notice can help with our mental wellbeing. We asked our local wildlife recorders what top tip they would give to someone starting their journey of wildlife recording for the New Year. 

Creating a Pollinator Patch

As summer is drawing to a close there is still a lot we can do to support pollinators over winter. Autumn is the perfect time to start planting your pollinator patches, as the weather gets wetter the ground is ideal for the seeds.  To start your pollinator patch you need a dedicated patch of ground, whether that’s in a lawn, window box, pot or flower bed, any size will do. You can purchase a Jersey wildflower mix from Normans suitable for urban areas, gardens and schools.

New bee species for Jersey

Violet carpenter bee (Xylocopa violacea

Our first record of the violet carpenter bee has been recorded in two days. This species distribution extends from Europe across Asia can reach as far as central China. It is a very large bee, reaching 2.5cm, with a black body and violet coloured wings.  

Our two records are from Trinity, 01/06/19 and 02/06/19 and have been verified as correct by a UK verifier.