Don't Step on a Bee Day: 10th July 2021

In appreciation of ‘don’t step on a bee day’ we’re going to highlight bee diversity and the importance of bees. This awareness day is held annually on 10th July, which aims to educate the public and highlight the importance of bees and their contribution. When thinking about bees, the honey bee is the iconic bee species which comes to mind and the thought of bees is often followed by thoughts of nature, summer and picnics.

New bee species for Jersey

Violet carpenter bee (Xylocopa violacea

Our first record of the violet carpenter bee has been recorded in two days. This species distribution extends from Europe across Asia can reach as far as central China. It is a very large bee, reaching 2.5cm, with a black body and violet coloured wings.  

Our two records are from Trinity, 01/06/19 and 02/06/19 and have been verified as correct by a UK verifier. 

The Bee and the Wasp

By James Moody.

There is often confusion between wasps and bees, exacerbated by there being numerous genera and sub-species of each insect. 
Despite their numerous similarities, particularly when viewed from a distance (or over one’s shoulder whilst running in the opposite direction), the differences are both numerous and fascinating, as we shall explore below:
The Honey Bee
(top photo by Louise)