How to get into wildlife recording


We asked our local wildlife recorders what top tip they would give to someone starting their journey of wildlife recording for the New Year

1. Start off simple. Learn a few new species at a time and get to grips with them for a few weeks or months before moving on to others. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too much information to remember at the start. 

The Great Garden Bat Watch - Returns for 2022!

2nd June to 5th June 2022. .

Please join the Jersey Bat Group for the fourth Great Garden Bat Watch!

This event combines the joy of (hopefully!) watching bats with citizen science based research that can help us better understand bats across Jersey.

We are particularly keen to receive sightings of bats from St Helier and other urban areas around the Island to help us with our research into Jersey's urban bat populations.

Placements for Pollinators

I have had the fantastic opportunity to volunteer with the Jersey Biodiversity Centre as part of my dissertation research project this summer. Although the dry and sunny days this summer have appeared few and far between, those days where the sun made an appearance have seen me wandering around the beautiful island of Jersey to complete Flower-insect timed (FIT) counts. With the difficult year we have had, and the subsequent disturbance to my formal University education, this was the first time I was truly able to experience field work.

Reptile Watch. Je

Jersey has four native reptile species, some of which are rarely seen and are limited to certain habitats. Reptilewatch JE is a new project that aims to gather sightings of Jersey’s four native reptile species to help assess their conservation status, distribution and habitat requirements.

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