Hedgehogs in Autumn

It's that time of year again when summer has slowly come to an end. The colder, damper air draws in and the days become shorter. For some this may be upsetting that the hot sun and balmy evenings have disappeared, however for many of our local species autumn is the best time of year. 

Natures larder is full to the brim with berries and insects, perfect for one of our favourite little prickly mammals. The hedgehog. 

Hedgehogs are a native species in Jersey and the UK and have a lifespan of around 3-8 years. 

Urban Wildlife - gardens

What is meant by urban? In Jersey we think of urban areas as the large sections of buildings making up St Helier and Les Quennevais areas. I too have said that I live in the countryside, but do I really? Looking at the Urban Map created by Jersey Mapping (2007) our island’s urbans areas are all over the place, reaching out into our countryside habitats.