Reptile Watching - Summer activity.

The Jersey Biodiversity Centre (JBC) is excited to share a fantastic free summer activity to spot wild reptiles across the island.  You need to spend 30minutes visually looking for reptiles and count what species you saw and how many. There are four native reptiles you could spot and by sharing your survey you can help in their conservation. 

Great Garden Bat Watch - survey results

Please send in your survey results, even if you didn't see any bats. This information is called absent data and is important for the Jersey Bat Group to identify areas to investigate further. 

Digital survey form can be found here. 

A Gardener's Friend

Ladybirds - here are 47 species of ladybird species that can be found in the UK and each one varies in size and colouring. Their bright colours are used to warn predators of their foul taste however, some species of ladybird lack this foul taste and instead rely on predators associating all ladybirds as being bad to eat. Ladybirds are often viewed as a pleasant visitor to gardens this is because they not only help pollinate plants, but they also help maintain aphid populations at bay helping to protect gardeners' plants.