Mindfulness and Nature 

How often would you say you are mindful?  Do you know what being mindful involves, how to do it or what it actually means? 

Jersey's unwelcome visitors

Jersey is home to a wide variety of native wildlife that each play and important role in maintaining the biodiversity of jersey. However, there are some non-native species who can cause damage to environments and outcompete some native wildlife for recourses which causes a huge disruption in the ecosystem. Unfortunately, Jersey contains some of these organisms that damage the environment, these organisms have been named an invasive species. 

How to get into wildlife recording

Wildlife recording can take place at any time of day or night and is a great way to appreciate nature around you. Nature is everywhere and taking notice can help with our mental wellbeing. We asked our local wildlife recorders what top tip they would give to someone starting their journey of wildlife recording for the New Year. 

Spring Species

Spring is the perfect time to start your wildlife recording journey. Whether you are watching wildlife from your window or out for a walk there is always plenty to see if we slow down. 

Wildflowers are showing up all along the lanes in Jersey. Whilst social distancing doesn't mean you can't get outside to enjoy the fresh air. There are plenty of walks to enjoy out in the countryside. 

La Fête du R'nouvé

Come along to a celebration of Spring with Jersey Heritage.

Spring is full of new possibilities. Jersey Heritage will be welcoming the season of renewal with a mini-festival, celebrating nature with music, dancing, food, artists and local producers.

Heritage spring festival 

This year we will be joining the festivities and make insect hotels and seed starter pots which you can take home for your garden or school. 

Come learn about worms and what wildlife you can spot this spring!