Reptile Watching - Summer activity.

The Jersey Biodiversity Centre (JBC) is excited to share a fantastic free summer activity to spot wild reptiles across the island.  You need to spend 30minutes visually looking for reptiles and count what species you saw and how many. There are four native reptiles you could spot and by sharing your survey you can help in their conservation. 

Fungi activity - spore printing

You will need: 

  • A mushroom fruiting body, preferably an older one. It can be any type of mushroom, but cap and stem mushrooms are easiest and work best.  - You can also use supermarket fungi! 

  • Printer paper. Black or white will usually work some mushrooms have very light or dark spores so you may want to try on both.  

  • A glass bowl or cup large enough to cover the mushroom.  

  • A Ziploc bag for storage or some clear sticky back plastic.