The Marvellous World of Bees.

A vibrant buzz in hedgerows, gardens, parks and meadows is an all too familiar sound of summer. Thousands of insects move between bushes, flowers and trees during long sunny days in search of food and shelter; filling our countryside and beyond with a lively hustle and bustle.  

A Gardener's Friend

Ladybirds - here are 47 species of ladybird species that can be found in the UK and each one varies in size and colouring. Their bright colours are used to warn predators of their foul taste however, some species of ladybird lack this foul taste and instead rely on predators associating all ladybirds as being bad to eat. Ladybirds are often viewed as a pleasant visitor to gardens this is because they not only help pollinate plants, but they also help maintain aphid populations at bay helping to protect gardeners' plants. 

Spring Wildlife

One of the most beautiful and lively times of year is just around the corner. Longer evenings and warmer days mean spring is well on its way. Spring is one of the best times of year for any wildlife lover; flowers, insects, mammals, birds, and much more are starting to make their first appearances. Whether in your garden or out and about there is so much you can now look out for in the coming months.  

Toads Valentine's Day

PondWatch is asking you this Valentine's week to look out for toads getting together in your garden. Spread the love for amphibians and watch as they head back to their ponds for the breeding season. 

PondWatch is a community science project where we're asking you to spot wildlife in your pond and share sightings to help pond conservation. Jersey has three native amphibian species, and a host of other wildlife for which ponds are a vital habitat for them to survive.   

Hedgehogs in Autumn

It's that time of year again when summer has slowly come to an end. The colder, damper air draws in and the days become shorter. For some this may be upsetting that the hot sun and balmy evenings have disappeared, however for many of our local species autumn is the best time of year. 

Natures larder is full to the brim with berries and insects, perfect for one of our favourite little prickly mammals. The hedgehog. 

Hedgehogs are a native species in Jersey and the UK and have a lifespan of around 3-8 years. 

The Secret Life of Bees - lunch time talk - Sept2022

A lunch time talk on the secret lives of insects during the winter months and how we can prepare for their arrival in spring.

About this event

Bees are a beautiful animal to spot during our warmer months but understanding where they disappear off to is key in helping these animals thrive. Calling all gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts who always pondered where does the wildlife go?

Doors open at 13:00. Talk begins at 13:10 to finish at 13:45.