World Snake Day - 16th July

In appreciation for ‘world snake day’, we are going to highlight the tremendous diversity of snakes and discuss Jersey’s native snake species, the barred grass snake (Natrix helvetica).  World snake day is an annual awareness day which takes place on 16th July, aiming to educate the public on the diversity and importance of snakes. Snakes have a negative connotation evoking fear and an uneasiness by many people.

Reptile guide for Jersey

We have four species of reptiles on Jersey - Slow Worms, Grass Snake, Wall Lizards and Green Lizards.

With the sunny weather, temperatures rising and the arrival of spring there have been more and more reptile records coming in through the Jersey Biodiversity Centre Facebook page, Jersey Wildlife and through our online recording form.

It's surprising on such a small island that you are never too far away from spotting a reptile. Whether you have never seen one before or are a regular lizard spotter the feeling of seeing them close to home is stunning.