Pondwatch JE 2024 - Free Training Event

The annual Pondwatch training event returns for its sixth year in 2024.

Date and Time: Saturday, February 17 · 10am - 4pm.

Location: Frances Le Sueur Centre, St Ouen.

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What is Pondwatch JE?

Pondwatch JE is a project that aims to gather sightings of Jersey’s pond life to help assess their conservation status, distribution and habitat requirements.

Biodiversity Course - Pond Life of Jersey - Sept 2022

Get you and your pond ready for Spring with an evening on the pond life of Jersey.

Biodiversity Couse: Pond Life of Jersey

29th September @ 18:00-20:00

Location - Philip Mourant Centre, Trinity

A 2hour evening course covering amphibian and other pond life identification.

Participants will also learn how to implement safe and responsible pond-dipping techniques as well as identify and plan ways to improve pond habitats to help in conservation.

Biodiversity Internship - A first for the centre

As we say goodbye to Genny our first ever paid internship staff member she has kindly written an article on how this experience has helped her develop in conservation. 

Agile Frog - Conservation

Conservation status: Amphibians are the most threatened taxa due to anthropogenic factors such as habitat destruction, environmental contamination and most importantly climate change. They are sensitive to climate change due to their permeable skin as they rely on optimal microclimatic conditions for osmoregulation and respiration (Combes et al., 2018).