Learning Visits

Visits to your school - Our education and outreach officer can visit your school, club or activity group to deliver exciting animal experiences focusing on Jersey species. 

Available weekday from 13:45 and evenings, weekends on request. No age limits as we can adapt our lessons to suit all year groups, secondary and adult groups. 

Pond dipping - We provide all pond dipping equipment and help your discover the wealth of life in your pond. Lean about amphibian metamorphosis for our native toad and newt species and find possibly find invertebrate larvae of beetles, dragonflies and damselflies. Sponsored by The Countryside Enhancement scheme for 2020-2021.


Pollinator visits - A variety of lessons around the pollinators that visit your grounds. Sponsored by Ogier for 2020-2021 

Flower counts - Count flower species on areas of your lawn or grass to show how important these plants are for the bees and other pollinators. 

Pollinator patch counts - If your school or group have planted a pollinator patch we can bring our bug hunting equipment to help you discover whos been feasting. Record species and numbers which can be used as a biology project or towards your Eco Active green flag or business status.  

Make a bee hotel - Learn what it takes to make a pollinator hotel for nesting bees and other pollinators. Put your knowledge to work by creating a bee hotel in teams. All resources provided. Optional - We may ask you to do some collecting in your grounds or bring resources in from home. 

Bug Bioblitz - Catch, collect and count what you can find in your grounds. Record the species using identification guides and use a variety of methods to find bugs, beetles, spiders and bees. All resources provided. 


World of the Worm - Get your hands muddy with worm holding in this interactive biology lesson. Pupils will learn about worm senses, how they develop and grow and their place in the food chain. We also touch on the worm lifecycle for KS1+.  

Spider Safari - Get hunting for spiders in their natural habitat - your school grounds! Lower KS2 Using a web guide we will search for spiders in the outside spaces of you school. Upper KS2+ - Using a web guide that your pupils will create we will search for webs and the spiders using our eyes. If we find any spiders we bring bug catching equipment to get a closer look - if you dare! 


In Jersey we can offer your eco school a variety of resources and teaching to help you reach your Green Flag status.

Biodiversity and School Grounds -

We can supply you with a variety of animal homes made from recycled pallet boards (made at Jersey Prison). These are great to get the whole school involved with monitoring and watching out for biodiversity in your grounds.

Join our BioBlitz project where we come in and help your pupils survey for invertebrates. Pupils catch, identify, record and release what they find. Once you've had one visit with us you can borrow the equipment to continue surveying and monitoring your school grounds biodiversity.

Recycling, Biodiversity and School Grounds -

Composting is a great way to recycle organic waste from children's lunches. We can advise you on setting up a compost and provide you with information and teaching on what creatures will help break down the food into soil. Making a compost is easier than one may think and it's a school wide project to have on your grounds.

Litter and Biodiversity -

We have an assembly talk on Sea Protectors which explains that litter dropped inland reaches the oceans. The pupils see and hear what creatures are effected by litter and how they can help by becoming sea protectors.


child holding a worm
animal homes boxes
bioblitz project