Biodiversity Course - Spider ID - Oct 2022

Join us for a spooky evening finding and identifying common spiders.

Biodiversity Couse: Jersey Spider Species

20th October @ 18:00-20:00

Location: Philip Mourant center, Trinity

A spooky evening course covering spider ID and field surveying techniques.

Participants will learn to identify common spider species by body shapes and webs. You will create a Spi-Pot for catching spiders and look for species around the buildings.

Palmate Newt - Ecology

Species: The Palmate newt scientifically known as (Lissotriton helveticus) are the only species of newt found on the island of Jersey. Approximately 6cm in length with a similar appearance to the common newt. Although there are a few records on the JBC database of common newts these are most likely to be misidentified as Palmate newts. Both male, and sometimes female is characterised by smooth brown skin with lines of spots along the sides (flanks) and tail (McLaren, 2009).