Grey Seal - World Ocean Day 2022

Where do we live? We live in the North Atlantic Ocean we are the biggest land mammal that can be found in the UK. Our Bodies?  We are like you we are warm- blooded we can control our body heat with our blubber you humans call it fat. But we don’t have hands or legs like you, we have flippers they help us swim in the sea faster than you! We also have a tail which helps us control where we end up. We also can hold our breaths for long periods of time not like you our skin is thicker than yours too.

Marine BioBlitz

Author: Kevin McIlwee

Blitz is a name that has featured 3 times in my life (excluding Santa's Reindeer Blitzen of course). As a youngster in the early 50's, I played on one of Birmingham’s Blitzkrieg bomb sites. There I witnessed first hand the destruction of war, although at the time I was too young to appreciate the power we had harnessed, capable of eliminating not just each other but 99% of all the other species as well.

Pond Life Course for Educators

For educators who want to advance their knowledge and practical skills for pond environments and pond dipping. Tickets available here 

About this Event

This training is for educators in Primary schools, activity clubs, or in other areas of education.

Sea Grass talk

The Société Jersiaise Marine Biology Section is holding their annual public lecture on Tuesday 28th March, 7.30pm, no.7 Pier Road.

Entry is free 

The talk is held by Dr Richard Unsworth who is an eminent scientist in the world of seagrass, marine ecology and ecosystem services.

He will be presenting a talk about seagrass meadows in Jersey.