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By joining Roostwatch JE, you will be able to submit records to the Jersey Biodiversity Centre.  This can be done without logging in to the website, but if you are interested in wildlife you might like to consider registering an account with the Jersey Biodiversity Centre which would have advantages including easier recording options and the ability to access your records in the future. We hope you will visit us again making additional biological records

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Have you seen bats entering a property, building or tree? If you have, please use the following form to record the roost, and any bats you have seen.

What you need to do

  • Check the building, property or tree between June and September.
  • Visually search noting any signs of bats(e.g., droppings) then at sunset (or sunrise) spend one hour observing to see if any bats leave or enter the structure.
  • Take photos of any signs of bats (e.g., droppings) and the areas you have seen bats enter or exit even if the bats are not in the picture.
  • Fill in the form below.

Remember that Jersey’s bats and other wildlife are protected by law, and should not be harmed, taken or possessed, nor should their breeding or resting sites be disturbed.

For more information and examples of what to look for please see the Get Involved / Roostwatch JE page.


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If droppings were seen, were they seen inside (e.g., barn, attic space) or outside (e.g. windowsills, on ground under facia etc)?

If bats have been seen

Please provide any further information, e.g. species of bat if known, if a bat detector was used, if the JSPCA, Jersey Bat group or the vets were contacted about a grounded bat etc.

Thank you for submitting your Roostwatch findings. This record is being submitted to the Jersey Biodiversity Centre, which will be stored by the UK Biological Records Centre. We are asking for contact details in case we need to contact you when verifying your record. Your details will not be used for any other purpose. Full terms and conditions are available from:


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