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La Lande du L'Ouest

Jersey’s south west coast includes a number of well-connected heathland sites. The long and narrow coastal site of La Lande du Ouest, otherwise known as Gorselands, stretches from the Prison west towards Corbière lighthouse with large areas covered by heather, gorse and coastal grassland …. 

Les Blanches Banques SSI

The sand dunes of Les Blanches Banques, set in and around St Ouen’s Bay in St Brelade and at the heart of the Jersey National Park is recognised biologically as being one the richest sites of its kind in the Island and has been described as ‘undoubtedly one of the premier dune systems in Europe for its scientific interest’. 

Les Landes de l'Est SSI

Les Landes de L’Est, otherwise known as Les Landes, is one of the Island’s largest Sites of Special Interest (SSI), covering 102 hectares and forming the north-west corner of the Jersey National Park. It is the largest single block of maritime heathland anywhere in the Channel Islands and offers visitors a feeling of wildness and remoteness.  

Pollinator FIT Count Insect guide

A local guide to help you identify insect Orders such as beetles, butterflies, bugs and bees. 

Pollinator Project - Flower guide

A locally produced flower guide for use on the fixed timed insect counts (FIT counts) as part of the pollinator project monitoring scheme. 

Pond Activity Ideas

Get the most out of your school, community or personal pond by looking at our activity idea list. Each activity is labeled with an effort score so there is something for everyone. Share the love for your pond and get involved with Jersey Wildlife.

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