Record your Pollinator Friendly Area

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Submit your site to the CI Pollinator Friendly areas map

Welcome, have you created a fantastic example of a space within the Channel Islands designed to support our insect pollinators? Our aim is to encourage members of the public to set aside at least 10% of their gardens and/or land for pollinators. We want to see more wild spaces in both our rural and urban areas dedicated to supporting our declining insects. 

What type of site are we looking for?

If you have sowed wildflower seeds, planted flowering plants for pollinators, if you have allowed an area to grow wild or sowed your field using an insect pollinator friendly seed mix, please join in and add it to our map. There is no limit on size - it could be a tiny patch on your street that you and your neighbours are proud of, or it could be a wildflower meadow you have planted, we want to know about them. Just so you know this form is not for recording existing and established semi-natural habitats currently managed for nature conservation, we already know about them. We want to know about your areas and we would love to know about areas free to visit by the public, but please also map your private sites as well.

What you need to do

There is a basic form with some mandatory information and a few optional extra fields to fill in. You must provide the location of your site. Once you have submitted your area, we will review it, and we might ask for more information. After the review process is complete we will upload it to the map, which can be viewed here:

Please make separate records for each pollinator friendly area, complex multi-geometry drawing is not possible on this form. 

Any other questions?

Get in touch, we will do our best to help.

Personal details

Please provide your email address. This will only be used to contact you if we require further information to verify the record.

Please provide your first name.

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Site details
Vague date mode: *

Either pick an exact date from the calendar, or if not known, enter a 4 digit year or month in the format "May 2020".


Please give a location name to your area. This should be a house/building name, postcode, street name, a field number or other descriptor. This will appear on our pollinator friendly areas map, so keep it short and descriptive.


Select one from the above relevant to your site. For areas with a mixture of the above please select other. Please make separate records for each pollinator friendly area.

Please describe the type of site here.

Explain briefly what you have done to your site, what’s great about it, what you’ve planted, what is there and why you love it and if it’s open to the public (please keep to less than 100 words if possible).


Indicate which of these are relevant to your site.

Please describe the type of pollinator activity here.

If you used a seed mix please state which mix you used.

Please zoom the map in to the location of your area, or use the search for a place on the map tool below to find the location. Once zoomed in, use the following map tools to define the location of the planted area:

  • If your area is very small (less than around 2m2) then click once on the map using the the default Click on map tool to set a point marking the location of your area.
  • Please select the Draw polygon tool on the map. Now click on the map on an edge of the area, then click at each point around the perimeter until the patch is defined. Double click to finish.
  • If you make a mistake you can either repeat the process to redraw it, or select the Modify selected feature tool, then click on the shape to select it. You will now be able to drag the shape using the grab-handles provided to correct it. Click once on the map when finished.

Once you've drawn the patch, the spatial reference of the centre will fill in automatically for you.


For most purposes please use WGS84 (decimal lat, long).

Or simply click on your rough position on the map.

If you can, provide at least one photo that gives a good representation of your site. This should be landscape and give a sense of how the site appears, rather than showing an isolated patch. Please do not show any people in the photo.

Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.


Are you responsible for or involved with this site?


I confirm that the information provided is accurate and up to date (required),

Tick this box if you do not want your pollinator friendly area to appear on publicly available web maps (please note no personal details will appear on the map).

Thank you for submitting an area. What you submit will be used on our public map unless you state otherwise. This record is being submitted to the Jersey Biodiversity Centre, Guernsey Biological Records Centre and the Alderney Wildlife Trust which will be stored by the UK Biological Records Centre. We are asking for contact details in case we need to contact you when verifying your record. Your details will not be used for any other purpose. Full terms and conditions are available from:


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