Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our main purpose is to collect and computerise Jersey's natural history records so that these can be used by amateur and professional naturalists, ecologists and other researchers.

All species records are sought from modern databases to old published records, private notes and now Facebook. We use the records to highlight knowledge gaps within Jersey’s flora and fauna. The records are used when environmental decision makers are planning to safeguard the Island’s biodiversity in the future.

Association of Jersey Charities – membership number AJC452

We opened in 2013 with the participation and support of Environment Guernsey Ltd., the Société Jersiaise and the States of Jersey Department of the Environment. Since then we have been continually expanding our database of natural history and are now holding over 800,000 biological records, representing over 7,000 species.

In 2017 we added 21,000 records!


Meet The Team

Amy Hall – Manager

Sarah Maguire – Education and Outreach Officer


The Jersey Biodiversity Centre Committee

Chairman - Anne Haden

Vice Chairman - Jon Rault

Secretary - Nina Cornish

Treasurer - David Tipping

Committee members: Glyn Young, Paul Chambers, Simon Swaine.

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Children with nets catching insects