Bio Blitz project

Book Sarah to visit your school to help your class survey the school grounds for invertebrate life.

Pupils will practice the sweep netting techniques for invertebrate catching and identify what they have caught using guides. Pupils will also record what they have found on table sheets that can be taken back to school for further study and use.

Once your school has used the equipment with the help of Sarah you can loan it off us at anytime in the year to continue surveying. It does not need to be same class but it is helpful if you have one student who has done it before to show the group how to sweep with the net. Each pack comes with a 'how to' guide for teachers and pupils along with identification guides and glossary for keys words used in the session and more.


Ages 4+, suitable for secondary schools and SEN groups

Times:13:30 onwards

Maximum children numbers: 30

Email Sarah at to book your group for a BioBlitz project.


children running with nets