Mallards, Mosses and Minibeasts

Mallards, Mosses and Minibeasts

By Liz Corry. 

As with most people during lockdown, I found myself doing something I don't normally do. I fed flamingos!
Ok, let's put this into context. I'm a senior keeper at Jersey Zoo who for the past 7 years has worked solely with choughs out on the north coast. As an essential worker I was drafted back into the zoo to head up one of our teams. One of my daily duties was caring for the flock of Chilean flamingos.
A single feeding session can last 45 to 90 minutes depending on their mood. Most of which time you are stood on guard duty. Perfect opportunity to do a spot of citizen science. Armed with a camera phone, iRecord app, and Jersey Facebook groups at the ready (for help with ID!) I set to work recording what was living in and around the Flamingo lake.


Mallards, mosses, native mammals, and ‘mini-beasts’. The natural world begins to unveil itself when you take the time to look. It is also a great way to improve your knowledge and ID skills. Anything recorded using the iRecord app is submitted directly back to the Jersey Biodiversity Centre’s data bank. This can then be used to support legislation, improve the effectiveness of management strategies and overall help conserve Jersey’s natural wildlife.


So next time you find yourself waiting for a bus, stood in the queue outside the supermarket or per chance find yourself feeding flamingos (!)…stop, look, whip out your smartphone and get recording. Don’t just be a citizen of Jersey, be a citizen scientist! #wildaboutJersey

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