Covid 19 update for recording schemes and surveys

Covid 19 update for recording schemes and surveys

Information is provided by the Natural Environment team at the Government of Jersey. 

Based on Jersey's Safe Exit Framework we believe it is now safe to continue our wildlife surveys and monitoring schemes (This includes participation in our monitoring schemes and surveys  (e.g. Jersey Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, PondWatch JE and Reptilewatch JE, National Plant Monitoring Scheme, Jersey Bat Survey). Volunteering for any of the above schemes is optional and you are not obliged to continue and you can opt out at any point should you wish to do so. You safety is of our upmost importance.


Contact the scheme coordinator about how to go about getting set up on individual surveys. Please note if your survey is on private land we will need a landowner agreement form signed by the landowner. We will also supply you with Coronavirus Risk Assessment before you commence any surveys.

During you surveys you must make sure you follow the General public health measures You should always maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from anyone you don't live with and do not enter someone else’s home. It is only permittable to enter their garden.

For those people who are in the ‘severely vulnerable’ group because of your much higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (those with serious underlying medical conditions, see definition on are strongly encouraged to continue to shield at home. Everyone’s situation is different and you should talk with your GP or consultant if you need help understanding your own levels of risk, in the context of your own personal situation.

We hope you have been enjoying your gardens and/or public open spaces during the Stay at Home guidelines. Thank you if you have been recording your wildlife sightings. If you haven’t please don’t forget at any point you can still record any wildlife encounters you have using iRecord or the Jersey Biodiversity Centre website.

Thanks for your continued support. Please stay safe.


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