iRecord app

Tell us about wildlife you've spotted on the go with the iRecord app

This app will let you record Jersey wildlife and will link your record directly to the biodiversity centre's pot of over 800,000 records. 

If you are going to use this app to record your sighting please don't submit it also via the website or the Facebook groups - Jersey Wildlife, Insects of the Channel Islands as it will create a duplicate. This is because the iRecord app is directly linked to our database and entering it anywhere else will create a double record.

There are plenty of apps available that can help you with identification of what you've found. Just make sure you are using a British guide. Here are the links so some apps we use for identification:

Butterflies                      Butterfly Conservation

Bees                             Great British Bee Count

Non-native plants         Plant Tracker

Trees                            Woodland Trust

Marine Life                   Sea Life Tracker


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