Think Grass Snake

Think Grass Snake

A message from Sam Napaul: 

I'm a JICAS masters student, working with the natural environment department, carrying out a small radio-tracking project on jerseys grass snakes. The aim of the project is to monitor the habitats the snakes use by tracking their ranges and daily habits. I have obtained all the licensing required, but now i need your help!

If you find a grass snake, please contact me directly on 07748595527.

I will ask you for their behaviour (e. G. Basking) and an address/description of the current location and i will do my best to reach the site as quickly as possible. Though, please do not interfere with the snakes behaviour, in anyway during this time, even if it begins to move away, as they are protected by law.

For more information about my project or any other questions, feel free to message me at or visit thinkgrasssnake

alternatively, if you have seen a grass snake recently, share your sighting here

Sarah Maguire