Jersey has three native amphibian species, and a host of other wildlife for which ponds are a vital habitat. Pondwatch.je is a project that aims to gather sightings of Jersey’s pond life to help assess their conservation status, distribution and habitat requirements.


How can you help?

There are opportunities for everyone to get involved, with 3 levels of surveys depending on your interest, available time and experience.

Level 1 – spend 30 minutes looking for wildlife in ponds and send us your results. No experience or training is required.

Level 2 – carry out 5 surveys, each taking 30‒60 minutes. You will search for amphibians and other pond life at a pond using three methods; visual searches, netting and night time torch surveys. You do not need experience but you will need to attend a training event. Please contact n.cornish@gov.je to be allocated a pond. Alternatively you can survey your own site with the relevant landowner permissions.

All surveys take place between January and May.

Get the resources you need to get started visit the Jersey Amphibian and Reptile Group (JARG) website. https://groups.arguk.org/jarg

Here you will find: survey forms, survey guides, ID guides, species fact sheets, health and safety information and more.

If you currently do not have time to commit to carrying out these surveys please record any sighting you have and add a casual record.


school pond
Sarah Maguire