Pollinator Placements

Pollinator Placements

During the last 6 weeks I have been on a full-time placement at the Jersey Biodiversity Centre. Throughout this placement I have had the opportunity to undertake a wide-variety of work, which includes conducting various surveys and writing articles for the public. Although there was a wide-variety of surveys to conduct while focusing on a wide-variety of species, biodiversity conservation is at the heart of everything at the Jersey Biodiversity Centre. 

Throughout the placement an abundance of resources were provided to assistant with surveying protocols, surveying techniques, species identification and taxonomy. These resources were made available through training videos in addition to many specific ID guides and accompanied by staff that offered support whenever possible. Prior to conducting surveys independently, staff accompanied me during my first time conducting each of the surveys including the reptile surveys and Flower-Insect timed counts (FIT). The resources provided guidance and training on a wide variety of surveying techniques and species identification including; reptile surveys and identification, FIT surveys, Marine invaders surveys, bat surveys and identification, pond surveys and butterfly and moth identification.

This placement has enabled me to enhance a wide variety of my skills, in particularly my species identification, survey techniques and writing ability. As previously mentioned, I carried out several surveys throughout this placement in which I had no previous experience with. By performing these surveys on a consistent basis I have been able to increase my competency conducting these surveys and identifying species included. This has considerably increased my species identification ability for a wide variety of species, including, reptiles, amphibians, bees, hoverflies, butterflies, moths and beetles. A placement with the Jersey Biodiversity Centre offers suitable work for anyone looking for experience in conservation and biological recording.

If you would like to have a placement with the Jersey Biodiversity Centre during the holidays, please contact sarah.maguire@societe-jersiase.org

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