Nature and your Mental Health

Nature and your Mental Health

There are many benefits of getting outside and surrounding yourself in nature. You do not have to go far or walk miles to feel the benefits. If you have a garden, you can sit and watch the birds or the insects, feel the wind or the warm summer sun on your face, and take time to listen to the birds singing. So why is it good for your mental health? Well according to Mind Jersey, being out in nature can: 
- Improve your mood 
- Reduce stress levels 
- Can help you to meet new people 
- Helps you to take time out 
- Helps you feel more connected to nature 

If you walk to work, why not take a mindful walk to or from work and see if you can see or hear any birds. There is nature all around us, from little flowers growing in the grass, or on walls feeding the insects, to the birds flying in the sky and singing in the morning.  

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Written by Spencer Langlois, April 2023

nature and mental health