Invasive wildlife - Sour fig and Purple dew

Invasive wildlife - Sour fig and Purple dew

Sour fig (Carpobrotus edulis) and Purple dew plant (Disphyma crassifolium)

Sour fig (also known as ice plant) and purple dew plant both originate from South Africa but have caused problems locally by escaping from gardens and rockeries. In Jersey sour fig is most noticeable at Corbiere and Noirmont whereas purple dew plant can be found along St Ouen’s Bay. These plants may produce attractive and colourful flowers but their impact is detrimental as their roots suckers form impenetrable mats and outcompete our native coastal plants. Not only does this reduce the diversity of plants within the ecosystem but reduces feeding opportunities for native invertebrates.

Both plants easily regrow from small fragments and rapidly spread. Rangers and volunteers have spent many hours trying to remove these species from our coast but they are incredibly stubborn and hard to completely eradicate.

Sour Fig, Merrit Thomas

Purple Dew, Brent Clarkson