The Great Garden Bat Watch - Returns for 2022!

The Great Garden Bat Watch - Returns for 2022!

2nd June to 5th June 2022. .

Please join the Jersey Bat Group for the fourth Great Garden Bat Watch!

This event combines the joy of (hopefully!) watching bats with citizen science based research that can help us better understand bats across Jersey.

We are particularly keen to receive sightings of bats from St Helier and other urban areas around the Island to help us with our research into Jersey's urban bat populations.

We are asking if you could look for bats on an evening for 2nd June to 5th June, but please do feel free to use the form to submit your bat sightings throughout the summer.

However: If you are undertaking your bat watch and submitting the form on dates other than the 2nd/3rd/4th/5th June then please go to and ensure you are outside looking for bats at least 15 minutes before sunset and keep looking until 1 hour after sunset!
That way you will ensure you spot the first bats…though it may mean you wait up to 30 minutes before seeing your first bat.

We are asking you to go into your garden, or to an open space near your house or really anywhere in the Island to look for bats. A perfect way to spend a summer evening!

Main event: Any evening from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June (or more than one evening!)
Where: Any outside space (garden, park, lane, beach)
What time: From 20:50 until 22.00

You do not need a bat detector as we are not asking you to identify bat species, all you need to note down is:

1) The time you saw the first bat
2) The direction the bat flew from
3) Details of the Recorder, Date and Location

Share your sightings here:

If you manage to take any photos or videos of bats in flight during the Great Garden Bat watch then please share 


Photo credit: Nathusius pipistrelle bat - Jersey bat group 2017 

Sarah Maguire