The Great Garden Bat Watch – A mindful activity to sit and watch nature

The Great Garden Bat Watch – A mindful activity to sit and watch nature

Please join the Jersey Bat Group and Jersey Biodiversity Centre for the fifth year of Great Garden Bat Watch.

We are asking if you could look for bats on an evening for 9th-11th June.  Head into your garden, or to an open space near your house or anywhere in the Island to look for bats. A perfect way to spend a summer evening!

Where: Any outside space (garden, park, lane, beach)
What time: From 20:45 until 22.00

You do not need a bat detector as we are not asking you to identify bat species, all you need to note down is:


1) The time you saw the first bat

2) The direction the bat flew from

3) Details of the Recorder, Date and Location

4) Comment on any light spill around the location, i.e. street light, garden floodlights (This can be recorded in the 'Overall Comments' section of the form).

Share your sightings here

If you manage to take any photos or videos of bats in flight during the Great Garden Bat watch then please share @JerseyBatGroup

This event combines the joy of watching bats with citizen science-based research that can help us better understand bats across Jersey. Spending time in nature can help you relax after a busy day or week. Spend this weekend evenings sitting out in your garden or nearby looking for bats with us. Make sure you feel safe at all time and bring along a friend if that makes you more comfortable. If you're heading into a wilder space, let someone at home know where you are going and when to expect you home. 



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