Flower Insect Timed Counts

Flower Insect Timed Counts

Now the weather is better it is time to get counting the pollinators!   

As patches are flowering across the island, either as a dedicated pollinator patch or as a wild garden from no mow may, it is time to see what animals are using these spaces. You will need good weather to complete the survey. If the sky is clear a minimum of 13°C is needed to complete the survey or if the sky is cloudy then a minimum temperature for a count is 15°C

10 minutes is all it takes, and you’ll be watching the flowers and insects. You pick a target flower, ideally chosen from a list of 14 target flowers. Your patch to survey is 50x50cm square and can be within a larger patch of the same flower, growing in a larger patch of different flowers or isolated.

We will be visiting some sites around the island this summer where you can join us to complete this survey but for now get your forms at https://ukpoms.org.uk/fit-counts

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Staff looking at flowers
Sarah Maguire