JSPCA Red Squirrel study

The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter in association with the States of Jersey Department of the Environment has been involved in a long term programme researching the prevalence of disease in Jersey’s red squirrel population.

The ultimate aim of the programme is to improve the care, welfare and conservation of Jersey’s red squirrel population.

The JSPCA are asking islanders to report all sightings of red squirrel to the Jersey Biodiversity Centre and in particular please report any casualties or dead squirrels to the JSPCA reception. This is so that the bodies of squirrels can be collected and post mortem examinations can be performed. It is important to have bodies that have not been frozen.

To find out more about the project and the work they do please visit JSPCA red squirrel disease surveillance scheme

Take care when driving to avoid killing squirrels, especially on the country roads and green lanes where they may suddenly run into the path of traffic. Many members of the public now provide food for squirrels, so if you are feeding them it is important make sure that they are not at risk from road traffic, cats and dogs.


red squirrel face
red squirrel full body