Submitting data

Minimum data needed for a record

We would like as much data as possible however the minimum data needed is as follows:

1) Species name.
2) Location, as precisely as possible. Ideally this should be as a grid reference; Jersey Grid, UTM grid, Latitude/Longitude are acceptable. Alternatively if this is not possible then a description, as accurate as possible, including, where relevant, the name of the property or road concerned.
3) Date. We need at least the year of the observation, preferably the month and day as well.
4) The name of the person who made the record.

Large numbers of records can be submitted on an Excel spreadsheet, which can be imported into the mapping system. The Biodiversity Officer would be happy to provide guidance on an appropriate spreadsheet design.

The Jersey Biodiversity Centre is especially keen to encourage observation and recording of less studied groups of animals, plants and fungi.

Other useful data

1) How accurate is the location given, is it to within 10m, 100m or a kilometre? If the recorder comes into the Jersey Biodiversity Office the digital mapping system can be used to accurately place the record.
2) Who identified the species?
3) How many of the animal or plant did you see? Was it a single individual, was it a flock of 100?
4) Any other field notes about the record. What was the animal’s behaviour? What other species were present? What sex was it? Was it mature or a juvenile?