Support from The Gerard Le Claire Trust

Support from The Gerard Le Claire Trust

We are delighted to have received a substantial amount of support from the Gerard Le Claire Environmental Trust, who's funds have allowed us to create a new website for recording wildlife across the island.

Gerard was a locally born environmentalist and journalist who in 1996 became Director of the States of Jersey's Environmental Services Unit. Throughout his life, "Gerard was a firm advocate of the importance of high quality biological data as the foundation to successful decision making in the environment he loved and so the Trustees are delighted to support the excellent and vital work of the Jersey Biodiversity Centre.”

Gerard tragically died in a helicopter crash in Mongolia. After his death The Gerard Le Claire Environmental Trust was established to continue his environmental work and influence in the island. 

"The environment is not just green fields; it is everything we live in, use and produce. What we see, feel, smell and breathe is the environment." - Gerard Le Claire

Gerard Le Claire in a blue shirt on the beach in Jersey