App review – iRecord Butterflies

If you want to develop you identification skills for plants and animals, then using your mobile is much easier then lugging around reference books.

This week I have been using iRecord Butterflies to see how useful their identification guide is.

Price is always something I look at when buying apps. It’s better to try out the free ones first, if it’s not for you then no money wasted.

Firstly when I downloaded it – it’s free – this is always a bonus. There are some wildlife apps that charge anywhere from £0.99 to one I found that was £31.99. If you happy spending that little bit more make sure its for British species and not the United States.

irecord butterflies

IRecord Butterflies identification guide works without the Internet, which is perfect when you are out in the countryside. It has a fantastic filter for the species. So if you know you saw a white butterfly then you can filter the results to a smaller number of species to check between. The images of the butterflies are very clear and they have images of both the upper and under wing.

Watch out for …

When using the identification guide watch out for where this species is located in the UK. If it’s only found in north Scotland then it’s unlikely to be the species you saw in Jersey.

If you are still unsure of the species then post it onto the Facebook group -Jersey Wildlife where someone will help you with the identification.

Let us know if you see any butterflies by sending your records to us via our website here.

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