A first for Jersey – Snail surveys

I am doing some slug and land snail surveys in order to discover the diversity and richness of the island. This involves identifying and recording a group of organisms about which we currently know very little. Indeed, no data have been recorded yet.


What do I really do?

I go to some places and follow a specific protocol in order to ensure my data is replicable. All areas are concerned: dunes, lands, woods, and gardens as I want to cover all species.

 smail image 1

Once I am there, I choose three small quadrats of 1 meter square representing all major habitat types of the site. The ideal is to cover different mollusc micro-habitats, so the best is to choose quadrants faraway from each other.

In each quadrat, I check by beating, sweeping, hand search and direct observation the ground, and plants during half an hour and collect all species found.

smail image 2

Then, the other step is the identification. To do so, I use different books and the internet. I follow the keys, in order to obtain the name of the specie. I use hand-lens (at least x8) and a ruler. And I do not forget to take a lot of pictures.

So now Jersey, you will have some new data concerning land molluscs!


Written by Aurelie Payan, June 2017.

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